At the edge of Texas on the Rio Grande is an opening in the wall dividing the desert landscape between 1st and 3rd world. A visit there at the turn of the 2016 presidential election captured images of the symbolic beauty and tension that would foreshadow one of the most contentious political struggles in American history.

The Middle Road

A photographic journey across the American landscape during the days surrounding the presidential election offers perspective on this potent and iterative moment in the unfolding of the collective ‘American Dream’.

Speeding Through Here (2006-2010)

I used to know Interstate 5 as the fastest route to Southern California best driven at night. A direct shot through endless farms and industrial wastelands, I-5 ultimately stretches the length of the American West. When driving this route during the daytime, I-5 unleashes the expansiveness of the landscape and unveils the imprint of past and present industry while exposing a stillness while traveling upwards of 70 miles per hour.

50 Suns

Interrupted moments and self reflection once a day for 50 consecutive days 12pm-6pm in Oakland, CA. May 18-July 6, 2009.